Highest Quality Standards for our Customers

Innovative and advanced processing machinery and ongoing staff training allow us to fulfil the customers' requirements completely.


In order to ensure the highest quality according to the purchase requisitions and the regulations destructive and non-destructive tests are performed. Radiographic testing (RT), Ultrasonic testing (UT), Penetration tests (PT), Magnetic particle inspections (MP) and Leakage testing (for example: helium test)
are used.


Our welders are qualified according to national and international regulations. The following welding procedures are used in accordance with DIN EN 288:


  • MAG (135)
  • MAG-F (136)
  • TIG (141)
  • MIG (131)
  • UP (121)
  • SMAW (111)


We are cooperating with worldwide approved notified bodies. Here you will find our certificates for download as PDF file:





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